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venue: CONTACT (Manchester UK)

Tues 25- Sat 29 July 2017


Process, Questions & Risk



Movement, Pathway, Thought & Debate

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Manchester Choreolab 2017 is for emerging & professional artists (18yrs+) with dance/ movement backgrounds and artists interested in choreographic questions. 


Along with dance artists of diverse styles and practice, Manchester Dance Consortium actively encourages artists with a range of practice to come and join us to enrich your process, enliven thought & exchange with others. You might be an actor, a composer, a live artist or a filmmaker interested in choreographic process & outcomes: there will be something is our programme for you.


Our programme includes: 


  • led classes & workshops,

  • opportunities to bring forward & explore your own questions,

  • facilitated conversations on topics of why, how and the contexts within which we make, and 

  • moments of exchange and being mentored.


There will be are a range of passes you can purchase including: WEEK, DAY, WORKSHOP SERIES & SINGLE SESSIONS. See Eventbrite bookings for full descriptions and breakdown: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/manchester-choreolab-2017-week-day-pass-inc-dinner-tickets-8146220565


Please contact dansortium@gmail.com if you have any questions.



10:30 to 12:00 Tue 25, Wed 26 & Thu 27 July

CHARLIE MORRISSEY: Moving Material (AM session)

These classes play with the body as material, landscape and perceiving machine, and with the mover as both explorer and territory for exploration. The classes work with how we bring our attention to the experience of movement, and offers us an opportunity to take a ride on our own momentum and that of others.


The classes are a combination of practical solo, partner and group exercises and focused improvisational scores.

This will be an hour and a half each morning to rock your substance into motion.

Read more about Charlie - HERE

You can join these sessions via a your WEEK, DAY or SINGLE session pass. 

12:30 to 14:00 Tue 25, Wed 26, Thu 27, Fri 28 & Sat 29 July

CHARLIE MORRISSEY: Mass, mind and motion (PM session)

These sessions will explore different ways of composing in real time through exercises that bring attention to the instruments of perception: to the activities of seeing, listening, and feeling sensation, and to the ways the senses cross over - each informing the others. We will notice how we notice, and will bring this expanded attention to play with seeing and being seen, and composing solo, in duets and in larger groups. We will explore different ideas of what we mean by material see how we begin to accumulate content. We will work and play.

Read more about Charlie - HERE

You can join these sessions via a your WEEK, DAY or SINGLE session pass. 

10:30 to 18:00 Thu 27 July

JO FONG: Open Studio 1 Day Workshop

This physical workshop is suitable for People Who Like To Move. 

Dancers, actors, clowns, circus folk, pilates teachers, visual artists, singers, social workers... 

This is an opportunity for "dancers" and "non-dancers" alike to move together.

Jo has been working on Ways of Being Together which is a series of workshops, discussions and performances centred around the idea of Belonging - A Sense of Belonging. Jo will lead a warm-up followed by pair work, group work and games that she has been developing as part of the creative process for her new work for Cardiff Dance Festival, Nov 2017. Jo’s working practice is an evolving, interactive and playful approach, incorporating aspects of release, yoga, manipulation, contact and voice techniques.

Read more about Jo and this workshop - HERE

You can join participate in this session by booking on to the Jo Fong Open Studio Workshop or register using your WEEK pass.

15:00 to 18:00 Tue 25, Wed 26, Thu 27, & Fri 28 July

WHAT U WANT: Workshops where you bring the questions and we support the play

An opportunity to bring ideas & questions that you would like to explore into a collective workshop environment. The group will work together to give each participant time for exploration & dialogue. This is a space to meet other artists, exchange and collaborate. Come along even if you don't have a specific question or idea to explore and be a part of the play.

These sessions will be supported by Provocateurs & Mentors Charlie Morrissey & Lenka Flory.

Participation via registration using WEEK & DAY passes.

10:30 to 12:00 Fri 28 & Sat 29 July

PAUL BLACKMAN: 'Shock the Body'

Our ongoing curiosity and attraction to explosive frequencies - fragile tension - attack or retreat - states of emergency and fractal movement will be some of the themes in the context of this class.

Contrasting between a delicate and powerful approach, we explore the imaginative exits and entrances of the body and its various layers, everything between the vertical and horizontal is used, producing a physically demanding and intricate vocabulary within a playful state of battle, that 'shocks the body'.

Read more about Paul - HERE

Even if you can't join in the rest of Paul's 2 Day Workshop, this session is available via a SINGLE session pass or by registering  using your WEEK or DAY pass.

10:30 to 18:00 Fri 28 & Sat 29 July

PAUL BLACKMAN: 'Chaotic Control' 2 Day Workshop

We will continue the practice in which we use, to discover ways of composing intricate and a forceful movement material. It is a continuous study which we've been exploring within our own research as 'Jukstapoz' that use's certain themes and visual concepts to reinforce our attempts at generating movement vocabulary, theatrical elements and a sense of playful chaos.

Read more about Paul - HERE

Participation in both days is essential. Participate by purchasing a Paul Blackman 2 Day Workshop pass or register using your WEEK pass.

15:00 to 18:00 Sat 29 July


A Sunday School is a monthly meeting of North West based artists seeking a mutually supportive environment to investigate their making processes.

For Manchester Choreolab 2017 A Sunday School will open their process and be sharing some aspects of their practice for critical discussion which will lead into discussion about artist led activity in Manchester, with a particular focus on artist-led curation.

19:00 to 20:30 Daily (Tue 25 to Sat 29 July)


A range of current and creative conversations shared over food, about WHAT we make, WHY we make, HOW we make and the CONTEXTS within which we make. These facilitated conversations by invited provocateurs will stimulate thought, create discourse and ask us to bring forward and discuss the things that effect us and our communities.

Confirmed line up includes:

Lenka Flory (date tbc)

Jo Fong (Thu 27 July) 'The Kitchen Table' read more here

Sustained Theatre Up North (Fri 28 July) 'Body Politics'. 

A Sunday School (Sat 29 July)


Week long (timings determined between participant, Choreolab 2017 & mentors)


Manchester Dance Consortium have 4 places for emerging artists to receive unique bespoke one to one mentoring with Manchester Choreolab 2017 Mentors & Provocateurs.


To apply for this unique opportunity within Manchester Choreolab 2017 you need to:

Be an emerging artist (either under 26 years or having made no more than 2 works with paid professional commission or presentation outcomes).

Have or will book a WEEK pass or can book a DAY pass for days when mentoring occurring.

*Note receiving mentoring is subject to proof of paid pass purchase.

Send a letter of application to dansortium@gmail.com by midnight Monday July 17, 2017. This letter should include: 1. a brief biography (including how you define yourself as emerging), 2. a brief explanation of why this mentoring is important to you at this point in time (this could for example relate to a work or project you are wanting to create), 3. what you hope to achieve through this mentoring opportunity, and 4. what you intend to attend at Manchester Choreolab 2017.

Applicants will be notified by Thursday July 20 of the outcome of their application.

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If you are joining us from outside of Manchester, please be in touch with Manchester Dance Consortium (dansortium@gmail.com) and we can help direct you to affordable accommodation options.



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