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Paul originally hails from Perth, Western Australia. Paul is one of the founding members of the Jukstapoz Company. 


Thrown, literally head first into the performing arts world by his acrobatic & circus trained mother, he has been on an international journey for more than a decade.  Working with a plethora of highly regarded and renowned artists in the United Kingdom, Europe, United States and Australia, including: Jasmin Vardomin Company, Rootless Roots & Battery Dance Company. Paul is now based in the heart of Athens, Greece. 


In 2010 Paul was selected to participate in the '50Days' workshop lead by Master 'David Zambrano'. Extensively training and performing in both ‘Flying Low’ & ‘PassingThrough’ techniques, he has also followed and worked with David on various occasions since meeting. 


Paul (as part of Jukstapoz ) has been commissioned by Sadlers Wells, Athens Epidaurus Festival, Onassis Cultural Centre, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Tasdance, JV2 and others for his choreographic work. 


He also teaches widely throughout the world in various dance academies, institutions and festivals such as the Venice Biennale, SEAD - Salzburg, b12 festival, Ravnedans Festival, Sadlers Wells & Greenwich Dance. 


His fascination with how the human subconscious deals with good and evil is an integral part of his art form, devising ambitious and atmospheric dance theatre works that ignite and question the current and volatile world we are constantly observing.

Paul will be with us at Manchester Choreolab 2017 on Fri July 28 & Sat July 29. Paul will lead a 2 day workshop and his morning  class will be open for those who can't join in the full 2 days. 


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